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Glass Recycled

Abundant and beautiful, the recycled glass bead is Africa's way of showering us with a reinterpretation of discarded glass at the hands of gifted artisans. They can be fused from sheet glass or using ground glass. Modern Ghana has an industry in beads molded from powdered glass. Also in Africa, Kiffa beads are made in Mauritania, historically by women, using powdered glass that the bead maker usually grinds herself from commercially available glass seed beads and recycled glass. A new technique has been applied to create African beads for the past twenty years. Such technique was based on the recycled glass and it has generated a whole new look for the African beads that is now known as African Recycled Glass Beads. In Ghana such action was implied for the normal beads in order to develop African Recycled Glass Beads.

Watch this you tube video to see how they are made.

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